Graduated at the Liceo Classico F. Petrarca in 1994, I attended two years of Engineering at the Politecnico of Milan university until 1996, when I joined the Navy. I attended the Naval Academy in Livorno until 2000, with a degree in Political Sciences from the University of Florence but also having passed several technical matters exams (as Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Electrotechnology, Electronics, Statistics, Telecommunications, Communications networks and IT).

After another year of specialized training for submariners, I served onboard until 2008 (submarine Gazzana and submarine Pelosi), performing first as Navigation and Telecommunications Officer, and later, after the advanced specialization course in Weapons and Underwater Sensors, as Chief Operations Officer.
Since 2008, after leaving the Navy, I was employed at Project in Florence, as Operations Manager in charge of the automation and integrated supervision systems development projects for road & rail infrastructures (tunnel safety and security systems, control rooms and utilities).

Since June 2015, I am employed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a System Analyst and I provide specialized support (infrastructure, automation and IT) for serialization applications (packaging) in the pharmaceutical field.

I am passionate about space science, physics, technology and internet. I develop software also as a hobby and I relax myself now and then by drawing some "vectors". If you're thinking I'm a nerd, well... I am!

I am married and have two daughters; I know how to behave assertively.

According to the Myer-Briggs tests I classify as INTP. My IQ is about 132.

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