A New Beginning

When I decided to give a new look to my personal page, I started reading my old posts, to see if I could take advantage of some content, perhaps updating it, to populate the new pages.

Unfortunately I collided with an old version of myself, which I considered immature and "unworthy" to represent me today… Is it possible that - for years - I left impulsive, badly argued, superficial content up to this point on my blog?

Unfortunately, and in some ways "fortunately", yes: I am no longer the same person I was 10 years ago. I have other interests, other passions, a different mentality and a lot more experience. What seemed absolutely right to me, everything that angered me (professionally speaking), everything that I saw as a problem with only one radical solution now gives way to a new range of interpretations, exceptions and nuances. I lost a good deal of professional "absolutes" and perhaps I found myself more humble and indecisive, and with the need to reformulate some beliefs that I saw slipping away in the folds of a complex and multifaceted world, where only flexible minds can survive.

Having clarified that I am in a phase of my life of extreme relativism, I hope to find the time, but above all the will, to commit myself to updating the blog: I am in the midst of my professional life and I am aware that online presence is now essential to continue to remain visible and relevant. I continually see very prepared and enterprising young people, full of talent and innovative ideas. I see their projects, sometimes reckless, take shape and become revolutionary… the world of industrial IT is so lively and stimulating that I just can't give up being part of it!

Enjoy the reading!

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